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WSOB Players

Anthony Lu - Las Vegas Hilton, 59

Anthony was born in China but has made Las Vegas his home for the las 28 years. Mr Lu owns the largest chinese newspaper and a training school for Chinese immigrants to be casino dealers. When he is not playing Blackjack Anthony can be found trying his luck at Baccarat, Craps or Pai Gow.

Jeff Bernstein - Las Vegas Hilton, 52

A retired Miami Police Officer who now runs a Public Safety Training Business which instructs police officers on how to deal with a crisis situation. Around the Blackjack table Jeff is know as 'Orca the killer whale' or 'Dr Jeff' in reference to his PHD in Psychology.

Randy Driggers - Las Vegas Hilton, 49

Hailing from El Paso, Randy is a family man that has been playing Blackjack since he was a kid. No stranger to Blackjack tournaments, Randy has entered 6 tournaments over the past decade. As the owner of a Century 21 franchise Randy is familiar with high pressure situations, which explains his personal mantra 'Don't let the game get to you and take note of card trends.'

Tony Duong - Las Vegas Hilton,

Tony and his wife Elizabeth call Sugar Land, Texas their home where they own an electronics firms and several restaurants. Using their restaurant experience Tony and Elizabeth opened an eatery to feed hundreds of people displaced by hurricane Katrina for free.Along with running several successful business Tony has over his 15 years of playing Blackjack, won some $250 000. Look for Tony to be wearing his lucky Buhda in the World Series of Blackjack.

John Grannis - AOL,

Living and working as a financial advisor in St. Augustine with his wife and daughter for the last 10 years, John will bring his aggressive play and conserative betting style to this years World Series of Blackjack. Having never played in a Blackjack tournament before qualifying, John should bring an interesting perspective to the game. When not playing Blackjack you will likey find John spending time outside hunting or fishing. Look for John and his lucky 'Rino Hilton' coin at a WSOBJ table.
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