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WSOB Players

Marshall Lafferty - AOL, 58

Travelling to Las Vegas from Battlecreek, Michigan, Marshall bring his love of motorcycles and 30 years of experience with him to this years WSOB. Marshall works as an engineering technician where he has been responsible for numerous inventions related to auto lighting. When not coming up with new ideas, putting his experience to work at the blackjack table you just might find Marshall riding a motorcycle on the track or even off the track if the mood strikes him.

Kenny Einiger - Invited Player, 45
2005 WSOBJ Champion

Kenny has the ultimate intimidation factor for this years WSOB, that would be the 2005 championship ring he will be wearing (which was designed by his wife of 8 years, Kim), it also means everyone he plays with will be gunning to beat Kenny as a matter of pride. If the ring doesn't help, perhaps the fact that Kenny is a professional gambler, a host of a talk show on KLAV and the author of "Play to Win" will help.

Angie Hardy - Invited Player, 30

Angie is a divorced stay at home mom who is very busy rasing two daughters in Colorado Spring, Colorado. In the two short years that Angie has been playing Blackjack she has earned the nickname 'Angie Moneytaker' by her fellow players compare her style of play to that of Poker Champ Chris Moneymaker.

Mikka Padilla - Invited Player,

Hailing from Los Angeles CA, Mikka is a actress and writer. In 1998 Mikka was one of Avon's top Latina models as well as getting her big break, playing a villan in a spy movie. Mikka has plans to fund and produce her own short films should she win this years WSOB.

Dave Matthews - Invited Player,

Dave has achieved something that few other Blackjack players could or even would want to. In the nine years he's played Dave has managed to get himself banned from more than 30 casinos in 4 countries. Prior to his current job as Vice-President of Internet Operation for, Dave served as a nuclear operator in the US Navy.
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