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WSOB Players

Darrell Arnold - Invited Player, 39

A Vegas Native "Rock-n-Roll" Darrell live with his wife and luckly dog, Lucky. Not only does Luck bring Darrell luck but was lucky to be found by Darrell while on tour in Detroit, MI. Darrells first year playing in Blackjack tournaments he won 61 trophies, should he win this years World Series of Blackjack Darrell plans on financing his own music CD and catching a Steelers game (in style of course).

Robert Boisvert - Invited Player, 36

A San Jose, CA importn Robert now live in Vegas when he isn't on the road with Nabisco as a merchandiser. Between playing Blackjack and his job "Razor Rob" as he is know dreams of being a professional DJ and has worked with DJ Jazzy Jim as a studio student. Rob plans on visiting New York City for the first time and catch the Yankees in action if he wins.

Paul Eckstein - Invited Player,

Paul has been playing Blackjack since his grandmother introduced him to the game when he was 10. Besides being a life long Blackjack player, Paul "Mad Dog" Eckstein, is a producer and writer. Paul has a saying "I am the underdog, I am a dolphin, not a shark". Well Paul might not be a shark but he'll certainly be one to watch.

Kami Lis - Invited Player, 27

Kami is no stranger to the World Series of Blackjack, having finished 2nd and won $65 000 in previous years, Kami plans on taking the grand prize this year. A resident of Las Vegas and Poland, Kami is currently finishing off a Master's in Internaltional Business at Warsaw University. Kami plans on investing future tournament winnings in Warsaw realestate and a nice sports car.

Jennifer Ortega - Invited Player,

Coming from a family of gamblers Jennifer has a drive to protect her family honour by winning te Worlds Series of Blackjack. When not playing Blackjack Jennifer is practicing Law in Los Angeles, CA. and can be found playing her other passion, Golf.

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