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Blackjack Tournament Strategies

Playing in a Blackjack Tournament requires a change in strategy from normal Blackjack play. When you normally play Blackjack there is no real need to concern yourself with how well your opponents are doing. All that matters is how your playing and what shape your bankroll is in.

This strategy will not work for Tournament Blackjack. How your opponents are doing are of the upmost importance to you. Other that your strategy keeping track of your opponents bankroll is as important of keep track of your bankroll. Unless you have the biggest bankroll at the end of the game your going home early.

In tournament Blackjack there is no second place, there is only first place and you need to insure that you have enough money at the end of the game to make sure you are the player that will be going on to the next round. If you are behind make sure you go for broke, don't wait for the leader to make a mistake, take the game to them. One or two big bets could put you in the lead. and if you happen to be in the lead, relax play a conservative game and let the others try and catch up.

Stanford Wong has written a book "Casino Tournament Strategy" which is dedicated to Blackjack Tournament strategy and is worth the read.
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