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WSOB Tournament Rules

The World Series of Blackjack uses standard Blackrules with the dealer hitting on 16 and Standing on soft-seventeen or better. Each of the five competitors and the dealer receive 2 cards, one face up and one face down (hole card). Starting with the player to the immediate left of the dealer each player decides if they want to recieve a third card (a hit), Double Down (double the wager and hit one and only one card), Split (only possible when a hand contains a pair (a second wager equal to the first must be made for the new hand) or Stand (no cards added to the hand). Once a player bust (exceeds 21), stands or achieves a hand of 21 the play moves to the next player and the process is repeated. This continues until the last player to the dealer's immediate right (third base) has finished their hand, at which point the dealer exposes their hole card and proceed to play their hand. Once the dealer has completed their hand winning wagers are paid off and losing wagers are collected.

The World Series of Blackjack has some unique rules to add to the excitement The first of these rules is:

Knockout Card:
A special card is shuffled into the deck and when it is dealt during a round the player with the lowest total chip value is eliminated from that round. If a player is eliminated prior to the knockout card appearing then no one else is eliminated.

The second addition to the rules is:

Power Chip:
This is a special chip given to each player at the start of each game. When a player uses the Power Chip they get to exchage one of their cards for the next card in the shoe. If a player uses the Power Chip when they double down, the player gets to pre-view the next card in the shoe and decide if they want to keep that card or if they want to take a chance on the next card in the shoe.

The last of the special additions to the rules in the 2006 WSOBJ is:

Second Chance:
This rule allows two players that did not qualify for the Wildcard games a chance to sit at the tables. Each Wildcard game has 4 players that finished second at their respective table. This means there is a fifth open seat at each Wildcard game. These seats will be filled by a draw in which each player that finished 3rd, 4th or 5th will have a chance at winning. Each 5th place finisher gets 1 ticket, 4th place gets 2 tickets and 3rd place gets 3 tickets put into the draw. The two lucky players that are drawn will get to fill the open seats at the Wildcard games.
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