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WSOB Players

Scottie Black - Ute Mountain Casino Hotel & Resort, 24

A promising athelete in high school, Scottie worked near his home until he was injured in a hit and run accident. A dedicate husband and father of almost 2 kids (wife Carlene is expecting thier second child a daughter very soon). Scottie is the only full-blooded Navajo in the tournament.

Charlie Montoya - Ute Mountain Casino Hotel & Resort, 50

Not only is Charlie an excellent Blackjack player (he's got the newspaper articles to prove it) he's a pro bareback horse rider, but you'd have to be if you were raised on a ranch. Charlie is somehow able to find time to play Blackjack even while living in Farmington NM and Mancus, Colorado.

Pat Nicholas - Ute Mountain Casino Hotel & Resort, 62

Pat may not be Irish but she certainly has the luck of the Irish which might have something to do with being born on St. Patrick's Day. Pat admits to using the dumb luck strategy when playing Blackjack, and so far it has worked wonders for her. She has placed in in 6 Blackjack tournaments. This entreprinour, Mother of 2 and grandmonther of 5 will be calling on the Luck of the Irish for this tournament.

Steve Bortle - Luck Eagle Casino, 49

Steve's strategy in Blackjack is to play conservatively and it has served him well. Steve's strategy may have something to do with a 30ft tree almost landing on him while he was working in Idaho. Steve currently resides in Tacoma, WA. where he works for Publishers Direct as a driver.

Ted Coustenis - Seneca Niagra Casino & Hotel, 40

Ted is possible the player you want visiting your home, you see Ted works as a Project Manager designing and installing home theaters. Although Ted comes from a small Ney York town he is no stranger to how fickle the cards ca be. Ted earned his spot in this years World Series of Blackjack on a wildcard draw.
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