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Blackjack Terms

Like many games, Blackjack has a language all it's own and to truely appreciate the game an understanding of the language is needed. Fortunately a lot of the terms used in Blackjack are simple and easy to understand like hit and stand.

This section will introduce you too and explain some of the important blackjack terms that will have you speaking the language of Blackjack.

Blackjack: A hand value of 21 that is achieved with the first two card dealt. A Blackjack usually pays off at a rate greater than 1:1, typicaly 3:2. A Blackjack cannot be pushed even with a dealer's Blackjack.

21: A hand that has a vlaue of 21 achieved with 3 or more cards. Payoff is 1:1 and can be pushed if the dealer's hand equals 21.

Hit: A request for an additional card.

Stand: To remain at the current hand value. To not take another card.

Double Down: To double the current bet and recieve only one card.

Split: When your hand is a pair you can split the hand into two hands. The second hand requires a second wager equal to the first wager.

Surrender: Allowed at some casinos and in the WSOB. This option allows you to give up your hand for half your wager. This is used when you feel you have a hopeless hand. Instead of losing your entire wager you lose only half.

Bust: When your hands value exceeds 21.

Soft Hand: Any hand that contains an Ace which can still be counted as a one or eleven.

Hole Card: The one card in each hand that is face down on the table.

Pat Hand: A hand that values seventeen or more.

Push: When a players hand and the dealers hand have an equal value the hands are tied. No money is lost or won, the original wager is returned to the player.

Here are some more Blackjack terms that are handy to know but not esential for enjoying the World Series of Blackjack.

Shoe: Used on some blackjack table to hold multiple decks of cards.

Pair: A hand that contains two cards with the same value, ie 4 of hearts and 4 of clubs.

Grinder: A gambler who's wagers are low in value. This gambler is said to be grinding away.

Head On: When a lone player is playing against the dealer.

Cut Card: A plastic card that is inserted into a recently shuffled deck (usually by a player) which when removed from the shoe, signals a shuffle before the next hand.

Burn Card: A card or cards removed from the top of the deck before play begins. These cards are removed to remove doubt about a stacked deck.

Anchor: A another name for Third Base.

First Base: The playing position directly to the left of the dealer. The player in this position is the first to recieve their cards and the first to wager.

Third Base: The playing position directly to the right of the dealer. The player in this position is the last to recieve their cards and is the last to wager.
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